Tuesday, 29 January 2013

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Hi everyone!

Finally I'm back blogging proper!

Sorry I have not been blogging often recently as I'm busy with work and also to get myself well after falling super sick out of a sudden.

So today I would like to talk about Datsumo Labo!

Datsumo Labo is a widely popular full body hair removal salon from Japan!

And yup! They offers hair removal services at a really affordable price from only $99 monthly!

I must say I am very lucky to be able to receive my hair removal treatments sponsored by Datsumo Labo and now I'm gonna share with you my experience so far!

During my first visit, I was being brief and shown a video during my consultation to have a much better idea of Datsumo Labo and the services they are providing.

Not only that!

After watching the video, I also got to know the cons of various ways of self hair removal like shaving with razor or eplilating which I suppose most girls would use these 2 methods?

Do you know that even if we buy the so-called often razors, we will still hurt our skin when shaving?

And also, eplilating would cause in-grown hair?

So yup! It is really really important to get your body hair removal properly!

After consultation, I had my very first treatment for my full arms!

They first applied a really cold gel on the areas to be prepared for treatment.

As mentioned by Datsumo Labo, one of the main thing of their treatment is that it is totally painless!

I personally did not believe in total painless treatment before that but I was really amazed as the treatment really do not hurt at all!

I only felt a little warmth at most!

I've done a total of 4 treatments so far for my full arms, under-arms, hands and fingers, full back and neck.

Even delicate and sensitive areas like under-arms and the back of my neck did not hurt a single bit!

After treatment, they would apply on a cold towel on treatment areas before applying lotion.

And yes! Love the hot tea served after treatment!
*Happy Girl*

I must say that I am really amazed by how fast each treatment would take, too!

But of course! Results is the most important, right?

Ok. It's a little shy for me to say this but I have to!

So I did the treatment for my underarms during my second treatment the start of this month? Like the very first week?

Normally I have to shave my underarms around every 4-5 days max?

But after my treatment, I can really feel and see that my hair is growing slower and the new grown hair are being more fine, too.

The last time I checked, I only had to shave a few hair from my underarm after around 7-8 days?!

So yes! I would really recommend you to go try it out yourself!

Now for all of YOU! my dear readers!

You will get 10% Off your first visit at Datsumo Labo!
All you have to do is to mention that you are a reader of mine!
Yes! Just mention "TSURIKI" will do!
That simple!

I believe that seeing is believing.
So you just HAVE to go try their treatment and see the results for yourself!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!
So why not go try it out and have awesome looking skin during Chinese New Year?!

You can check out Datsumo Labo's SG website for more information and book your appointment for consultation, too, within a few clicks!


Stay Pretty everyone!


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