Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hi everyone!

Here's a short post as I'm bumming over at Himeko's.

Yup. Sorry for not blogging much recently as I'm really busy and plus that I've been falling sick, too, I would really wanna spend my off days from work really just resting.


We're watching American Idol Season 12's Audition now on StarWorld. Boy! It's already Season 12?! OMG!

The last time I watched it was only... Season... 5 or 6?!

Ok. We did do a little video which I will try my best to edit and upload as soon as possible.

Now we're waiting for Himeko's dear Hikaru to come home from grooming before we do a proper video for Himeko's channel. Haha~

Oki! That's all for now!

Will be back to blog soon!!!


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