Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dasoda Liquid Concealer

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Hi everyone!

First post of the year and I'm gonna be posting a review!

Still thinking if I should do a 2012 Summary post or not...
My new year started off pretty... bad I would say.
So I guess I would take some time off first before I start blogging on my personal life and stuff.

So for the time being, it will be reviews and giveaways!

BTW, Dakara Usagi Bag Giveaway will be closing this Saturday!
So join now if you have not done so!
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So back to review!

There's a new Japanese brand now in the Singapore market and it is Dasoda.

Tada! This is their liquid concealer.

I'm sure liquid concealer is not a rare product in the market.
However, most liquid concealer are in tube form.

Whereas, Dasoda liquid concealer is in a pen form!

I do know of some brands having pen form of liquid concealer however, they are quite high-end brands which is not exactly affordable to many especially I know that many of you are still students.

So Dasoda is here to offer you pen form liquid concealer at an affordable price!

The good thing about this pen liquid concealer is that you only click out the amount you need and the rest would stay without contact with air to make sure that the product stays "fresh"!

Dasoda liquid concealer conceals dark circles and red areas really well without caking up as compared to many other concealers I've used before!

Awesome! I just hate my makeup caking up!
Don't you?

You can also use Dasoda liquid concealer for highlights!

Highlight and contouring is really important to asians, especially if you're going for Gyaru style as we always aim to have the best bone structure like a more defined nose etc.

Not only that!

Dasoda Liquid Concealer also has lift up functions!

It contains various ingredients that provide heat retention and boost wrinkle function.
With daily usage, it would help prevents wrinkles and dyness around the eyes and lips!

Isn't that awesome?

Go try it out for yourself now!

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