Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Range

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Hihi everyone!

I'm back with another review!

If you have subscribe to my YouTube main channel, you should have noticed that I've just uploaded a short video 2 days ago and it's on Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Range products!

If you have not watched it, here's the video

And now here's the detailed review!

Here's 2 products of the latest Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Snail Range

Bio-energy Snail has these 6 awesome benefits all in one:

1. Repairs Damaged Skin
2. Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration
3. Removes Scars & Lightens Marks
4. Anti-Inflammation to Prevent Pimples
5. Moisturize & Soften Skin
6. Keeps Skin Supple & Elastic

Why Snail?

Snail Secretion contains active ingrediduents like allantoin, collagen proteins, vitamins, natural anti-bacteria peptides to help repair skin and stimulate skin renewal to improve skin texture!

Yes a whole chunk of words.

In short, it has awesome ingredients to help skin renewal which will make your skin super good!

What's Bio-Energy?

Bio-energy Fluid  contains rich minerals and trace minerals which makes the particles really fine for better absorption of all the nutrients!

This way your skin will be better moisturised skin more supple and youthful!

First up! The Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum
RSP: $39.90 Net Weight: 30ml

This serum unlike many other serum I've used before which are thicker and heavy on the skin.

Frankly speaking, I DO NOT have air-conditioning at home.

So normally, I dislike applying on serum as it tends to be heavy on my skin unless I stay over my friend's or my dad's place where they blast the air-con like free.

But this serum is actually very light on the skin!

Plus with the Bio-energy fluid, it is being very well absorbed into my skin really fast!
Which is super awesome!

After the very first use, you will feel your skin being well moisturised and much much more softer and smoother!

Just like baby skin!

Super awesome!

Next! Bio-essence Bio-Energy Snail Repair & Smooth Cream
RSP: $39.90 Net Weight: 50g

Once again, I feel that this cream is much lighter than usual  I've used before!

However, lighter does NOT mean that it is any less effective!

I love to apply this on after the Bio-essence Snail Secretion Repair Serum to not only moisturise my skin even more, it also acts like a cover to lock up all the goodness in my skin!

I'm actually a very lazy person when it comes to skincare but after using these 2 products, I'm totally sold and oh man am I gonna keep using them!

Because they are just super duper awesome!!!

Only $39.90 each?!

It's totally worth your money!

Every single cent I promise!

You just HAVE to get them! Try them for yourself!

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  1. Heloo :) Will there be any problem if a teenager use this serum?



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