Friday, 1 February 2013

New Hair Colour + Behind my videos

Hi everyone!

Ok. I'm supposed to be blogging on my latest hair colour but genius me actually deleted the photos in my phot without checking that they are properly backed up.


So I have no photo to show you the process of it.

Here's a photo taken with the front camera of my iPhone5 the day after I got my hair done.

The colour is mainly Ash with Violet highlights for lower half layer of my hair!

And here's the photo taken with my ringlight a couple of days later.

I know the colour isn't showing very well...

Why!!!??? Why did I not check before deleting my photos?!?!?!?!

Ok. Since this post is so short, I shall add in a little more.

I know some people have been wondering how I actually record my videos and stuff.

So here is my little cosy corner where I record almost all of my videos

I always have my laptop on with some shows playing to entertain myself as I record my videos.

My camera is connected to my TV to make sure that I don't go out of screen when recording and also to make sure that my camera is still recording and stuff like focus etc.

This is how I set up my area ever since I got my ringlight.
Previously I used a table lamp for light instead.

Oki! I think that's all for this post!

Hope you enjoyed this filler post.

XOXO Tsuriki

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