Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Apricot goodness!

Hi everyone!

Okay~ Once again this is a super delayed post on my (not so) new hair colour.
By now, it has already faded (like previously) but still, I find the colour awesome!
After fading, the colour seems more of a pastel colour instead which is still NAISU~!

Got my hair done with Justin, again, which is super awesome!
That's his assistant, Jayden, in the photo above.

Isn't her hair colour freaking awesome!?!?

Like I said previously, I love getting my hair done by Justin and I seriously recommend you to look for him if you were to go to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio to get your hair done!

I recommended my collaegue to request for him when she went for her hair cut and yup! She likey~

Back to my hair and goodbye siclament pink hair!

Jayden brought me yummy hot milo after knowing that I have yet to take my lunch before getting my hair done!


Hot milo 最高!

I didn't really spend much time discussing about the hair colour with Justin this time round. All I told him is that I wanted a colour that no one else has!

He roughly told me what's he's gonna do and roughly how would it look like in the end and yes! I just let him do it!

It sure have been a really long time since I last trusted a hair stylist that much!

Applied the colour on directly without any bleaching this time round!

Now you ready for the end result?

Hip hip hurray for Apricot!!!

Freaking love the colour!

It's loud and yea no one else on the streets of Singapore has it (yet) !!!

Love it love it love it

Once again, I LOVE IT!!!

Awesomeness up close!

Do take note that Shunji Matsuo Hiar Studio is now shifted to Ngee Ann City instead of The Heerens!

Can't wait to visit their new location during my next hair appointment!

Stay pretty everyone!!!

XOXO Tsuriki

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