Thursday, 26 July 2012



Hi everyone!

I posted the above photo on my Facebook Page last month with some of the prettiest notebook in my hands.
And these notebooks are from Kokoro, which means Heart in Japanese.

I was given a few notebooks of Kokoro and I must say that I really love them alot!

I'm actually a person who loves to write and note down stuff like my thoughts and emotions at like THAT point of moment kind of person. So what I do is that I'll always have a pen and a notebook with me!

So yup! I actually brought along the leather covered small notebook along with me to my Hong Kong trip. Not only did I note that places that I visited and wanted to visit and stuff, of course, I noted down my feelings and emotions throughout my trip from the point of time where I was at the airport alone before the flight to Hong Kong.

Yea, the small sized notebook actually fit into the inner pocket of my handbag!

These 2 are my favourite designs of the notebook covers!

Of course, Kokoro will be having more designs coming up in future!
Just can't wait!

Not only do I like the designs of the notebooks, the sizes of the notebook while they have small and medium both with normal or leather covers, I must say I really love the quality of the notebooks, the paper used and the whole make of them all!

You can get your own Kokoro notebooks from Kinokuniya!

Go check them out!

*ahem* I know Kinokuniya is having their 20% discount again this weekend so it's a great time to go check these pretty Japanese notebooks out!

ツリキ より


  1. That note book sure lift up a happy mood whenever someone sees it! So cute!

  2. i love notebooks like these, they are so cute and bag size for our convenience, I am a thought jotter myself and wow, you can write japanese? I normally just copy japanese and korean phrases to make my notebook content cute >.<

  3. awe cuutteeee. We have a stationary store near where I live but it tends to be over priced :(



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