Friday, 13 July 2012

My Sizzling Craving at Pepper Lunch Express!


Hi everyone!

On Thursday, I had lunch with my darling B2 Himeko!

It was like a super last minute thing that we decided to have lunch together during my lunch break!

And as you can guess from the title of this post, yea, we had Pepper Lunch for lunch!

We headed to 313@Somerset's Food Republic's Pepper Lunch Express counter for our yummy lunch time!

Pepper Lunch Express has changed their menu last month in June and they have added this new menu of Sizzling Curry Rice!

Sooo gonna try that next time!!!

*Ahem* If you've tried it, please let me know how is it, too!!! Heehee~

And tada! Here's the menu they offer at Pepper Lunch Express Counters!

After making our orders, I actually just stood there and see how our food were actually prepared!

Haha~ OK. Wanna say I mountain tortise right?

But seriously... it IS my FIRST TIME seeing with my very own eyes on how they actually prepare our food okay~

And here is Himeko's Hamburg Steak & BBQ Beef

Gyaru sensei of the day Himeko cooking her food well~

And here's my Salmon & Chicken!!!

Well, I love fish and YES I am a HUGE LOVER of CHICKEN!

So which dish could be better than this?!
I can get the best of both worlds!!!

*insert Hannah Montana theme song*

And yea! Here's me nom-ing away!

And soon...

All gone!!! Super yummy!!!

OMGoodness!!! Damn GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

And now after making you hungry, I wanna invite all of you to join Pepper Lunch's
‘My Sizzling Craving’ Facebook Contest 2012

How to join sizzling:

Step 1: ‘LIKE’ Pepper Lunch Singapore Facebook page

Step 2: Register by filling in your particulars

Step 3: Choose your favourite dish and submit
(Limited to 1 submission each day, each submission will score 3 ‘Cravings Points’)

Step 4: Earn 30 ‘Cravings Points’ for each friend successfully invited
The top 3 craving scorers will win our Hot Sizzling prizes!

You can also earn bonus points!

Every consecutive 5 Days of Craving , you'll get 100 Points
Every 5 Friends successfully invited, you'll get 300 Points

The Top 2 highest scoring participants per week will win the weekly prize!

Weekly Prize - 4 weeks x 2 winners x $50 Pepper Lunch Express Gift Vouchers

The final Top 3 highest scoring participants will win these prizes!

1st - Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone (worth $988)
2nd - Xbox 360 4GB w Kinect + additional Wireless Controller (worth $540)
3rd - Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ1 digital camera (worth $299)

You what are you waiting for?!
Join NOW and you could a winner of those awesome prizes!!!

Contest period: 9 July 2012 till 12 August 2012


  1. do you ever post anything that's not sponsored?

  2. Do you ever have the guts the leave at least a name when you leave such comments?
    I do post non-sponsored posts. Perhaps you think they are sponsored, too? Or, you just don't read them?



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