Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Email hacked

Hi everyone!

Someone hacked into my old email account and mass sent everyone on my contact
list the URL in the previous post (below) of some viagra idiot spam.
Sadly the email address to my blog in also in my contact list thus the link is
posted up here in my blog.

I can't remove it as i'm in office right now.
Content has been removed when I got home.

Please ignore it and to whoever who received the email, I'm sorry but it really
wasn't me!
I don't even use that email address anymore!

Gosh the email was sent to the top management people of Puma lah!
Sorry everyone for that spam me.
I was shocked when I received the email on my active email accounts and worst on
my blog!



  1. sorry to hear that, be we should have really2 careful about telling our e-mail to other ppl >.< take care ya

  2. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린へ
    Thank you!

  3. To my mind one of the best tools for such problems is the next. Because of it aided me several weeks ago and besides would be usable for almost every like condition too - forgot the pst password for office 2003.



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