Monday, 17 January 2011

Hairdo done at Artica + EOS Lenses


Ok~ I'm like really busy these few days after I recovered from the bad flu etc last week.

On Wednesday, I did my hair over at Artica in the early before heading over for filming with NHK at Bugis!

My BEFORE hair.

Outfit of the day:

Black Lace Dress / Popu-Store
Furry Leopard Vest / Popu-Store
Fringe Mouton Boots / Popu-Store

Camwhore while waiting to get my hair done.

As Juno was not in yet that morning, I got Nic to do my hair for me!

Ok~ Here's my new nails! Tada!!!

Yeah I just LOVE transparent nails with glitter on!

By the way, the lenses I was wearing is the Tsubasa look-alike EOS Jelly lenses in Brown.

So here's Nic curling my hair for me!

Man she's like so fast lah! My hair was fully done within 30 minutes!

I was first afraid that I may late for filming but nope! I was in fact early because Nic did my hair sooo quickly!

So yup! Here's my AFTER hair!!!

Now I'm fully Gyaru-nified! Lol~

And off I went for filming with NHK for Tokyo Kawaii TV!

♥ 可愛い ライちゃんと 真衣子ちゃん! ♥

So yup! Here's my new EOS lenses that arrived last week!

I got these lenses from
However, as Korea side delayed the lenses for like 3 months, the owner of the blogshop has decided to stop opening sprees for EOS lenses.

I did order lenses from another blogshop but the lenses aren't here yet still. I'll blog on that blogshop after I receive the lenses.

Need to confirm that they are original EOS lenses before I share on it!
Hope you understand.

Ok! That's all for now!
Will blog on filming with NHK as soon as possible!


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