Sunday, 9 January 2011



Sorry for not updating on my daily life recently as firstly I was really busy and next I was sick. Argh~ Hate it!

Ok~ Here's a short post that I wanna share with you which brand of yogurt I love! Lol~

If you realised when you read Japanese magazines that many models actually eat yogurt for breakfast. I don't eat yogurt for breakfast alright simply because I don't have the time to enjoy my yogurt before rushing out for work etc etc. I'm most of the time late already (opps!) so I'll just take my yogurt at night around an hour before I go to bed.

For people who has constipation, yogurt really helps alot, too! Well, I don't constipate alright~ But I just like eating it!

Of course, if you're lactose intolerant please please pleas do not eat yogurt okay!!!

So, if you're someone that likes your yogurt more sweet, try Meiji!
The mixed fruits one is my number one favourite from Meiji!

Followed by mixed berries then strawberries!

If you like your yogurt more creamy, I choose this Switzerland yogurt, Emmi!
Mango mango mango!!!

And I love that this brand of yogurt is the only brand that has apple flavour!
(Or at least of what I know of~)

Ok! That's all for now!
Gonna enjoy my little cup of yogurt before going to bed soon!



  1. where do you get your braided hair band?

  2. Anonymousへ
    I get my braided hair band from either the supplier for my blogshop or Far East Plaza.

  3. Nestle has apple flavor ^__^
    green apple and my favorite~ apple cinnamon hihi



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