Wednesday, 2 July 2008

maybe i'm... stressed?

hey people~
i had a nightmare sunday night
(or rather monday morning)
and dann came out with a conclusion of my nightmare
-- i'm stressed.

i guess...
somehow yes...
like i blogged the other time,
i just have alot on my small little mind now...
my projects then are like
due one after another!
my project that is coming up
that i dont know a single freak what's happening
even though i've been trying my best every single lab?!
jmd's plan for now...
the performance for shizuoka
just exactly one week later!
the performance for cosplay arts festival
2 weeks later!!
lunch time performance
3 weeks later!!!
natsu performance
1 month plus later!!!!
my choreo for the juniors!!!!!
utata nameme going down~~~
my house problem
my mom's future problem
my dad's current problem
money problem
maybe i myself didnt quite realised
until only when i really list everything out...

so stressed (unknowingly)
that i'm like doing my project during lectures
when usually i'll do my online shopping
play my games
watch my dramas


i guess the only person that i can smile from inside in front of now,
is my evil devil...

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