Monday, 6 August 2007

Down - JJ

I can t believe it Tell me I m dreaming
That we are still we
It was amazing Said you were lucky
That you found me

It was on a rainy day that we met
You didn t have a place to go
I said we just met to lets go slow but no
You just told me to keep you from the cold

Sorry I can t take it
Why did u fake it
Why did we kiss

And I m just down
You left me with a note without a sound
I figured I must have been such a child
You ll never know how much I ve been around
How my heart just frowns

If you re down

I ll be your teddy bear,
I ll be your clown
I ll take you round and round and
If you don t mind I could be your standing ground
Even if that means I d clown

And baby, that ll be my one last vow

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