Tuesday, 1 May 2007

labour day = day out!

hey people!

today's labour day,
equals to public holiday!


super shiok!

saturday and sunday rest,
monday no lessons,
public holiday!


but then again...
will have make up lesson lah...

till now only have one teacher say got make up lesson...


so i went out with zhi hui today...
walk around far east.
wanted to get my dancing shoes...
danny gave wrong infomation i guess.
there isnt any sales on.
i guess i shall just go bata and get the north star one ba.
$19.90 only...

got myself a butterfly hairband.
i think i'm kinda attracted to hairbands ever sinced i cut my hair.
they all look so nice...
so suitable too...

walked around,
i got myself a pair of shoes
-- again.
high heels,


one thing.
i'll never step onto the high level of far east again.
even if it takes my life.
kill me,
or you'll never get me there.

i saw that stupid idiot freaking horrible chucky!
not a the vcd or what oh...
its the freaking doll itself!!!

and ya.

i screamed!

zhihui was like freaked out by my scream.

i shall not think about it anymore.
i'll be so scared.

now there isnt anyone at home but me.


i shouldnt have blogged.
now i dont dare to shower!

faster come back!


i'm like blasting music now already lah...~

*maybe i should on the tv also*

think of other things.

so after far east,
we went isetan...
walked around...
settled down to eat pepper lunch.

second time eating...
zhi hui first time...


i didnt blog finished yesterday...
it's alreadyu tuesday right now.

i was too scared.
totally freaked out.
no one at home.

so after lunch,
we went kinokuniya.
i see my magazines...
didnt buy any...
zhi hui bought a storybook/novel.
*dont know what to catergorise it under*

walked pass the basement,
food section,
met kathy.
just nice she was having her break,
so we went to cine together for a while.

after the jap shop there,
kathy went back to work,
zhi hui and i walked around,
then we settled down for some deserts...

we went to usa diner,
i dont think i'll go there again.
there's only 7 deserts there listed.
  1. brownie
  2. waffle (waffle with one scoop of ice cream)
  3. waffle fantasy (waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream)
  4. daily cake special
  5. daily sundae special
  6. banana split
  7. scoop of ice cream

i wanted a brownie,
whole zhihui wanted a banana split.
i was curious abot what sundae sepcial they have,
so i asked the waitress.
she said that there isnt any sundae special for the moment.
i dont think there's any cake either,
i didnt see any.
no brownie,
there's only 2 flavours to choose from.
so i took the waffle with peanut butter ice cream,
zhi hui took the banana split.
later the waitress came back
and say there's no banana split.
sianz (-_-'" )
it's a new resturant
and there's like nothing le lor...
and went we went out of the resturant,
i saw other flavours of ice cream lah...
what the... DOTZ

then we walked around a while more,
took neo...
then walk around even more,
then go home le...

i thinks that about it.

see you!

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