Sunday, 20 May 2007


hey people!

there was practice as usual...
we reached there early...
but then...
as expected,
someone was late,

while waiting,
danny asked,
not asked,
we dont have a choice but to jog till that someone reaches.

while waiting,
we ran 10 rounds...
circumference 2 baskeball courts.

legs breaking soon already...

so when that someone reached,
10 mins late,
i dont know why,
we had to run 20 rounds more!
counting from 0!

i dont know why also...
in total for yesterday we jogged 35 rounds in total!
but due to my lovely back...
the pain came back yesterday...
out of that 35 rounds,
i didnt really jogged for 5 rounds...
but still!
just imagine...!
i hardly even passed my 2.4km nafa run when i in secondary school!

quite often you can find me sticking to my good friend of the day,
the wall!

natsu practice...
the 'stomping dance' i call it...
getting into shape.
quite cool as i saw for myself in the mirror.

it's not quite cool,
すごい でしょ!

except for the last set for the day...
no one really catch it.
too fast le lah!

but then...
i was thinking,
what would be the reaction of our school if they saw this dance.
like they go...
"is this fbodz?"
"is this stage arts?"
"this is sakuran?"
"you sure?"
"they do such thing?"
""sure or not....."


funky town.
going to die.
i was dying on wed night,
and i died yesterday.
while practising,
i somehow injured...
my muscle?
i think...
not too sure...
but ont thing i know.
it hurts!

i know it's because i turn in a rush,
all the up and down is just driving me crazy!
they say dont excerise for this one week,
i think is not very possible...
even at home,
walking up and down the stairs is counting as excerise already.
hope it gets better,
well soon.
i just cant take it!

after practice,
we went to ang mo kio's kfc for dinner.
can see like 5 tables with all jmd people!
and ya...
lue song stinky!
he's the only one that didnt bring his shower equiment!

and i think the greatest joke of the night~
~the bandaged cow~


*sorry... inside joke*

and after that,
gerry, sok hiang, yvonne, kelly and i went home first...
when i reached home,
i was like so tired,
i changed,
on my hana kimi dvd,
lie down and watch till my eyes cant take it anymore...
... which didnt take a long time...
off the player,
and there goes...
i fell asleep just like that!

that ends my day for yesterday.


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