Sunday, 6 May 2007

JMD 5th Anniversery's Video

Playing shen bu zhi gui bu jue

02 - jason,
04 - leon,
05 - charmine
and 06 - lue song aka rou song!
never seen leon dancing?
he danced in this video...
jason dancing like nat (PPS2 contestant) in the video above.
by the way...
jason is nat's friend for real.
06 at 2nd place!
no forfeit!
02 jason lost.
02 forfeit!

Cooks of the night!

our great cooks!
their cooking are super!
prsenting our tradition expert,
03 president,
which i forgotten his name,
and elmo's girlfriend.
sephie in the background
*hope i didnt spell wrongly*

photo taking!

we tried to take photos of the water
falling into our mouths.
later we started taking mini merloin poto
*not in video*
our mini merolin - gerry!

fight with the satay sticks...
with our mouths!

or rather their mouths...

ying jia and chelsea!

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