Friday, 11 May 2007

good or bad?

these few days,
yiling and my sis had been saying that
i've become better than the past,
than in the last semester.
i've been going to school regularly,
and i mean!
not by my trixy's regular standard.
i mean the school's standard,

normal standard.

oh well...
i try.

but then i really dont understand why.
when i want to do my work,
something just goes wrong
and caused to not able to do a single thing.
like this week's lab.
i really wanted to do the lab session,
then that stupid program just went wrong,
nothing work!
for once i want to do my homework,
and the computer at home just cant open any program.

i cant do anything
whenever i want to.
i really want to,
i really have to.

i'm just not fated to be a good student i guess...

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