Wednesday, 4 April 2007

resign in mind

hey people!
went for work today...
as zhi hui got things up
because that horrible manager put me on work today!

it's been ages sinced i worked on a wednesday.
i dislike working on wednesdays.
i explain it,
so dont ask me why...
... unless you're bored and you have nothing else better to do...

back to the topic of today's work.
when i first reached outlet,
i met densie at the back at the store room there.
and then i got to know that she also dislikes our new manager.
*i try control myself not to type her name out*
*so i shall blog her as "NewM"*

one word after hearing densie's story.

so what if she's the manager?

doesnt mean we have to listen to everything she says?!
as in...
densie is here for "attachment" somehow...
everyone under attachment works like a full time,
8 hours a day.
with our previous manager,
m'am cathy,
everyone's like that.
but then out of a sudden,
densie is working 12-11 -- 11 hours everyday!
*except one off day a week*
*by government law*
like that still now enough,
NewM even ask denise to work 9-11 -- 14 hours!
where got such thing one!
want people die is it?
if she really want people to work 9-11,
why not she work herself?!
and why not anyone else but denise?
bully her because she's foreigner?
no such thing!
if she really need someone,
a staff,
i dont see why she wants densie to work over time everyday
and not let other staff work?

*i'm not done complaining*

i heard from denise one inccident that happened to nat (shortform)
NewM was asking nat about the promotion thingy and stuff.
nat actually know what's it's all about.
when NewM first asked,
nat said everything correctly.
but then NewM kept asking and asking till nat got confused and said everything wrongly.
then what?
NewM ask nat who briefed her on the promotion.
nat told NewM that it was m'am Jum. (shortform)
then NewM waited for m'am Jum and ask her why is it like that and stuff...
...not in a nice manner.

who else?
m'am elieen also dislikes her (NewM)

*done complaining.*

after work,
during break...
i got to know that 3 of our staff resigned.
and my lao gong michelle!!!

why she didnt tell me!!!

cryz sia....


now really.
i want to resign!!!!
no matter who whom or who as ever ask me to stay i wont!

i shall not give NewM roster next week!
and say i want to resign!
with effect on 13 april!

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