Tuesday, 3 April 2007

hair cut finally!

hey people!
i just got my hair cut just now.
byebye to my long hair,
or rather medium long hair.
although the length is about the same,
it looks short.
feels short too.

today's tuesday.
and i kinda pissed.
about what?
my manager.

i gave her roster last week,
stating that i can work on tuesday, thursday and saturday this week.
i was supposed to meet zhi hui tomorrow(wednesday),
and guess what my manager gave me?
work on wednesday and thursday.

  1. i didnt gave her roster for wednesday, and she just put assuming i can work.
  2. i gave her thursday afternoon, she put me thursday night.

angry... >-<*


so idiot lah...
if zhihui wouldnt have things tomorrow then what?
who's going to work?
then i give some lame excuse then it's going to be my fault.
where got such thing one?


so when she asked me for roster for next week yesterday,
i gave her two days only!
and both i didnt give her closing.
but then again,
this stupid new manager may just anyhow give me roster.

super sian...
now i so really want to change job liao...

dont like this manager!!!


if this continues...

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