Monday, 22 January 2007

i'm bored

just like what the title says.

i'm bored.

just finished watching hana kimi ep 10.
now waiting for corner of love ep 3 to load.
i wanted to watch hana yori dango before corner of love,
but it seems like everyone got caught.
i cant find anymore of ep 3 available.
so i shall find out ways to watch it le.

these few days,
i've been thinking that i spent alot.
i kept thinking,
oh no.
how am i going to survive till the end of the month?
but i didnt quite realised something.
it's already the 22nd today.
and a few more days later,
i'll get my pay.
to me,
it seemed as if now is still around the 15th or 16th.
it so doesnt feel 22nd to me.
before i know it,
i've finished all my presentation for this semester,
and for my 2 projects,
i just have to draw some stupid diagram and edit a little bit of java code that's it.
and like 2 weeks later,
i'm going to have my common test.
then chinese new year,
then end semester exam.

it's like,
i'm still stuck around the middle of the month.
i cant move forward.

but no matter what,
time goes on.

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