Thursday, 25 January 2007

i chopped off my hair

hey there people.

i'm now in digital media design lab.

before coming to school just now,
i went for a haircut.

~at last...

my dad had been asking me to get a haircut for like weeks already.
and finally,
i cut my hair.

not much of a difference alright.

the only obvious difference is that my fringe is shorter,
and the rest are just neater.

i seriously think my fringe reminds me of jess.


oh ya.

did i mention that i was the first to reached class today?

by right,
the 159 bus should take about 30-40 mins from toa payoh central to my school.
today the bus driver drove fast.
the total journey was less than 30 mins.


as a result,
i reached school at around 3.28pm.
when my class starts at 4pm.


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