Thursday, 4 January 2007

Awarded Best Friend

hey there people,
just finished doing my comm skill poster,
to promote myself as 'best friend'.
and ya...
below is the final decided poster.

how is it?

sorry for the delay for the html thingy...
i will send them to you soon.

i sure need to re-adjust myself.

re-adjust to time for shool work at this last minute or i'm sure to fail this semester.
re-adjust to feed in time for work.
re-adjust so that i dont skip lessons,
-- including japanese classes.

guess i won't be updating that often as before.

heard that our school will be having our open house at the end if this month.
wander if jmd would have to perform or not sia...

that's all for now.

still got comm skill discussion thingy to do,
-- which i havent do.
hope i'm not too late.

see you people.

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