Saturday, 27 January 2007


i'm scared.


cause i have this feeling that something will happen tonight.

not to me alright.

just now after work,
after buying my supper,
i walked to the bus stop myself,
to take bus of course.
when i was near,
reaching the bus stop,
i saw 4 guys quarelling.
then i realised that there were like more than 10 ah bengs ( and ah lians ) around too.
oh my...
and main point is,

and for once i was so happy to see m'am alice at the bus stop.

i'm so sorry for leaving m'am alice there at the bus stop and me leaving home first.
i really want to hear what she needed to say and i could see that she was like kinda sad lah.
but then,
i really was scared.
so i decided to leave when the bus came.


and went i reached my house downstairs,
guess what?
i saw more bengs,
i saw more lians.
not only that,
i even saw policemen.

i'm scaring myself right?
tell me i am.

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