Sunday, 9 February 2014

Let it snow in New York City!!!

Hi everyone!

Here's a scheduled post on my previous trip to New York!
When you're reading this, I'm probably still on the plane to Japan or something.

Thanks to the heavy snow in Japan, my flight has been delayed for 6 hours. *sobz*

Well, I was actually intending of sharing my Christmas there BUT I was SO disappointed then, I shall not talk about it.

So ya! I'll skip that trip in December and share with you straight my January trip to the Big Apple instead!

On my second day in New York last month, Melissa and I planned to head out to Central Park for ice skating!

And we are in Central Park!

I seriously am still very amazed whenever I see people jogging outdoors in the winter be it which country I'm in. But I have to say, especially New York because it's just so freezing cold in New York!

C'mon! It was like -5 degrees Celsius that day we were out!

And see what I found! 

 A snowman!!!

Well, I seriously wanted to build my own snowman and make my own snow angel BUT! 

I'm sorry to say this... 

I find the snow in New York dirty so I decided to leave my snowman building and snow angel making till I'm back in Japan instead. 

I have no idea why but the snow in New York is like grey?

So.. ya...

Glad I bought new boots just before this trip cos my previous boots seriously needed to be retired.

Oh ya! A little tip for everyone.

Remember to spray on waterproof spray onto your boots/shoes in the winter especially if it's snowing. 
It sure help to keep your footwear dry and clean really well!

Randomly snapped a photo of these mom and child having fun in the park. 

Seriously this winter sport is so huge in New York like just anyone will grab whatever they can slide on and go for a snow slide from any higher ground.

Passerby, be careful about your surroundings when walking. LOL

But then again, I would love to try for once, It seems so so so fun!!!

And guess what?
There's lots of squirrels in Central Park!

They are all so so so cute!!!

Soon, we arrived at the skating ring and were all geared up to begin our challenge!!!

[TIP: Bring your own lock for the locker so that you don't have to spend 5USD renting a lock.]

For me, it's been more than 10 years since I last skated. 
So I was really really nervous alright.

And the thought of falling down on the cold ice out the the cold below freezing point weather, not cool,

Camwhored a little at the ring to prove that I skated. LOL!!!

All natural blush thanks to the cold cold weather.

And yea, photo with Melissa!

Can't wait to work with her, again, end of this month!

Paris here we come, again!

After spending almost 3 hours ice skating in the cold, we left the ring and had a walk at the park itself,

Found this pond? river? of ducks!

More camwhore with the ducks behind me but apparently they can't be seen.

Melissa trying to snap a photo of the ducks closely without scaring them away.

Aren't they pretty?

Come on little ducky~ Why are you running away from me?

Then my act emo shots. LOL

Last photo before walking to Times Square for dinner.

Boy am I proud of myself!

It's only my second time to town but yet I could navigate the both of us from Central Park to Times Square without getting lost, without a map, without directions from people! 


And oh ya! It snowed along our way. It was pretty! 

But I was too cold to take my camera out to snap photos. Sorry peeps~

So we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner and I seriously would recommend you to go there for dinner as their food are very reasonably priced and of course, DE-LI-CIOUS!

Ordered Long Island Ice Tea, my first time drinking alcohol overseas except Japan.

Well, Japan feels like a second home to me now already...

I must say, they are very generous with the alcohol alright.

I couldn't finish my drink as it was too strong but it sure felt good with that little bit of alcohol to keep me warm in the cold weather.

Each main dish came with a bowl of salad which seriously was not what we were expecting.

Decided to get caesar salad and oh my it's yummy! 

I love salad! Yum yum yum~

They served savoury scones, too!

Super yummy I wish I know how to make some!

Melissa's grilled platter!

And so here's my linguine, covered with shrimp, scallop, mussels and of course, lobster!

Super big bowl I was super full even though I barely touched the linguine!

After dinner, we went to Sephora cos I needed to grab some stuff really fast before we head back to Long Island.

If you follow my Instagram, you should know what happened along the way back.

We were on the railway back to Westbury and just at the previous station, we get stuck there cos some stupid car drove into the railway track and get stuck there.

We got delayed for more than 90 mins and in the end our hotel shuttle bus driver decided to leave the station early, we had at take a taxi back from the railway station to our hotel.

Well, this is how I spend my day in New York in Jan. 

It was awesome other than being stuck on the train.

So that's all for this post!

I'll be back to update more soon!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!! I love red lobster. First u always served with cheddar bay biscuits i know its so damn good and its really easy to make ur own. I found the recipe for pinterest!! Thanks for the post i enjoyed it :)



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