Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bonjour, Paris.

Hihi everyone! 

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Sorry I have not been blogging for the past whole month as life has been a serious roller-coaster for me and I seriously do not have much of a mood to blog.

I actually do not even have much of a mood to go visit places whenever I'm overseas but I put myself together and told myself that I shall go visit places and show all the awesome photos of those places to my dad who is still in hospital.

Well, today I'm very happy to hear that my dad is finally shifting out of ICU after being in there since Christmas Eve. That's more than a month!

But sadly, I can't go down to the hospital as I myself fell sick, so I shall share the photos I've taken during my past trips with you!

Taking the train early morning to Château in Versailles, Palace of Versailles.

The Palace is very near the station so you really don't have to be worried about getting lost.

If not, just follow the crowd. Most people are going to Versailles anyways. 

The gate that is made fully from gold!?

Photo with my seniors, Verlyn and Melissa

And next we got our tickets to the Palace!

Our tickets

Stepping in...

I may not seem to be such a person but I really really love all these ancient European stuff. 

Sorry, I have very limited vocabulary. Someone help me out with the correct word for this! 

Sadly I didn't get to see the exhibition at Versailles because my seniors are not interested and I can't possibly ask them to both wait for me while I see the exhibitions which will take a long time.

I'm a person who can spend an entire day at the museum if I'm interested at the exhibits kind...

Moving out of the Palace itself to the backyard! 

This photo is just so cute.

Don't you find the swan looking like some fluffy island? 

Next to the garden!

The garden is seriously huge but sadly as we went during winter, there isn't much to see.

I can imagine Summer being all filled with flowers and the fountain turned on and stuff.

Ah~ So beautiful~

And after spending almost 2 hours at Versailles, it's time we get some food!

My Crepe with Ham and Cheese!

Let's dig in!

After Versailles, Melissa and I decided to check out some other places of interest nearby while Verlyn head off for shopping.

Down the streets of France.

Nice place, nice lighting, so we have to camwhore!

The Cathedral of Saint Louis

Well, there was supposed to be one more place of interest along our way back to the train station but it was closed as it was Winter...

So we got back onto the train and head straight to the Eiffel Tower!

Thanks dude for photo-bombing me...

My "tourist" photo with the Eiffel Tower

Sorry but this little girl is just too cute I have to snap a photo of her! 

After this, we walked back to our hotel which is just 20 mins walk away, drop the cakes we bought in the hotel before heading out to the nearby shopping centre for awhile.

And yea, this marks the end of my virgin trip to Paris, France.

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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  1. What s beautiful pictures! I never been to Paris hopefully one day :)



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