Sunday, 16 February 2014

Binbo Bimbo in Japan!


Hihi everyone!

As the title says, yea this post is gonna be on the day Himeko and I were both in Japan!

Well, Himeko was there for vacation whereas I was there for work.
Thankfully even though my work was affected due to the heavy snow in Japan, I still managed to squeeze a day to meet Himeko in Tokyo!

And here's what I wore out that day!

Outfit coordinate:

Knit Hat - Luvlicious
Coat - GU
Checked Shirt - Uniqlo
Sweater - Dip Drops X Champion
Heart Shorts - Dip Drops
Heat Tech Leggings - GU
Heeled Sneakers - VANS Japan
Wig - Prisila

Well, I realised I was wearing full Japanese brand from head to toe.
Although VANS isn't a Japanese brand, my shoes are the Japan limited design, endorsed by E-Girls!

So I headed out early that morning as I stay in Narita and it's like a 1h30m train ride to Tokyo.

At Shibuya waiting for Himeko and I spotted these cute Shu Umera Be@rbrick!

Super cute!

Got myself a can of hot Ginger Milk Tea as I waited for Himeko.

I used to dislike the taste of ginger but after staying in Japan for 3 months last Summer, I kinda got used to the taste and start to enjoy it!

After meeting Himeko, well, we had to idea where to go so we headed to Shibuya 109 for shopping before we sat down for lunch!

This weird Himeko, go Japan so many days haven't eat Japanese food!

And ya, we ended up with Italian food, again.

My Ice Tea Latte!

Although it's winter, I still enjoy my drinks cold especially when I'm indoors.

Food arrived and once again, photo taking!

My scallop baked pasta in cream sauce

TADA! My whole meal

Himeko's Omelette with Cream Sauce


After shopping and eating in Shibuya 109, we headed out to go to my favourite WC store.

After which, I wanted to bring Himeko to this cafe where they serve awesome pancakes at 表参道 which my Japanese friend brought me back in August but we got lost and I couldn't find the place. 


Well, along the way, Himeko found the macrons that she wanted to get so we stopped by.

Himeko going crazy and texting her friend, asking what flavour she wants.

And not too far away, there's a pet shop so we stopped by to take a look.

Awww this mixed breed is just too cute!

And since we could't find the pancake shop, we decided to head down to Akiba directly!

Oh my! Puyo Puyo now has arcade version!

Me wanna play!!!

Finally, Himeko's first Japanese meal in Japan this trip!

Miso Udon!

After dinner, we went to an arcade to take Purikura!

TADA!!! My first ever Purikura with Himeko after knowing her for so long!

The only 2 I managed to download off the website.

Feels so weird to see me with blonde hair whereas Himeko in dark coloured hair.

It's usually the opposite! Haha~

After taking purikura, I did a little shopping at Donki and Yodobashi before I left to go back to Narita.

Like mentioned, it's a 1h30m ride.

Was early for the next Keisei train back to Narita so I stopped by to grab yogurt drink! 


And here's my haul of the day!

Limited Edited Banana Shake Flavoured Tokyo Banana
Nikon S6600 in WHITE!!! (Wanted to get this long ago but white is forever sold out)
Hada Labo Facial Wash
Evangelion Eyedrops (Poster that came along not in photo above)
Lychee Contacts Eyedrops
Excel Eyebrow Powder & Pencil
Ettusais Lip Essence Gloss
Lip Fondue Lip Balm
WC ダダダダブルシー Sweater 

And below are some selfies taken with my new Nikon S6600!

Sorry for my messy table

Oki! That's all for this post!

See you again soon in my next post!

XOXO, Tsuriki

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