Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This GSS with Tokyo Bust Express



This GSS, Tokyo Bust Express is giving away up to $8888 of prizes!

Cool bust-boosting mystery prizes [think- Beach-worthy bustline!]
Go on a shopping spree by winning yourself some Watsons Vouchers, H&M Vouchers, Sephora Vouchers, and even a Samsung Galaxy S4!

Look your hottest this season with their GSS Giveaway!
Best of luck with you!

Mobile: https://apps.facebook.com/tokyo_bust_express/


  1. Hi quentria!
    I'm your frequent reader and it's good to try out what you have recommended and thus, decided to join this "giveaway" by Tokyo buss express and have decided to voice this out to you.

    Since they said it's a free trial means of course don't have to fork out a sum of $$ for free trial, I went ahead. Not only I did not receive the free trial as it claim, I was being forced to buy their packages with hours of hard sell, telling me their packages for 1st timer is $888 and only upon finish paying that amount, they will then proceed to do the treatment for you. (Means unless you pay finish that 888, otherwise no treatment will be done for you. What nonsense?)

    After repeating telling her I do not earn much and besides we have to deduct 20% cpf, how much do we even get back? She keep telling me she also don't earn much and still got the ability to pay for the treatment. So? Then she come to the point to give me 444 for 5 treatments (888 is for 10 treatment) and wanted me to pay full sum if not no treatment will be done on that day. I'm already planning to just forgo the free trial and just get the hell out of that place. Then she finally say she will check with her manager see can give me 1 session which cost $88.80 to try them out. After that she keep hard sell me saying she is trying to help u blah blah and in the end I give in, $88.80 is excluding gst. Say is company rule. So end up I'm paying $95.02 for a free trial and I don't get those treatment as claim on your blog at all!

    Upon payment, they refuse to write me an receipt in front of me claiming that maybe after the treatment I "might" want to buy more so they can write it in. And I have to insist they write it in front of me. One china lady straight come in front of me saying : are you trying to say you're done with only 1 treatment and that's it??
    Trixy, if you're in my shoe, how will u feel? Beside hardselling, that lady is more of a threatening.

    I guess because you are their invited blogger that's why you don't experience this, but as a reader of yours, I felt truly disappointed in this giveaway. Just take it I spend $95.02 for 3hours (included hours of forcing me into their hardsell) for a hard lesson never to believe in blogger adv giveaway by company.

    I hope you could at least contact Tokyo bust express for an explanation on this issue as I realize there are alot of people who are some other blog readers do face similar issue for the "free" trial giveaway. You could google it and read it for yourself how many people are being conned for the "free" trial provided by this company.

    Note: I am not saying you are not responsible or whatsoever, but at least, what you could for your readers are rectified this issue for us and at least an explanation from the company as you're doing advertisement for them.

    1. Omg!

      I've talked to the PR company and they hope to be able to get more information to help with your situation.

      Could you please email to this following address? The PR person will help you with it.



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