Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I feel FREE!!!

Hi good morning everyone!

Ok~ Maybe it isn't that early already but still! It's before noon so it's still morning, right?

Anyways, I just wanna say I feel awesome right now.


Even though I love my current job, but oh boy am I feeling a load off my shoulders already after clicking the "send" button for the email to my manager with my resignation letter attached to it.

Although yes, the load isn't fully off yet as I am still gonna be here for the next one month but I am already feeling much better.
Seriously, let me ask all of you a question.
How would you feel if you have fallen super sick, couldn't come to work and had to stay home in bed for 2 days and on the 3rd day when you dragged yourself back to work and your manager tells you this:
"I don't understand, you have more flesh, more meat than me, how is it possible for you to fall sick?"
Note: My manager is a BONEY person. Skinny is an under-statement.
So are you telling me that fat or rather average sized people are not allowed to fall sick?!
It's illogical for fat/average sized people to fall sick??
Just because I have more flesh, more meat, more fats than YOU one person, I am not allowed to fall sick?!
What on earth is this?!
At times I'll drag myself to work even though I'm already very sick and had no choice but to take a half day leave so that I could go see the doctor and get proper rest.
I remember my work shift that day was from 1pm - 10pm.
I called my manager at like... 2pm? When I am already feeling drowsy. I was so bad that my supervisor just told me to go see a doctor, go home and rest kind.
Note: My supervisor is a very strict person and NEVER allows such stuff.
And my manager told me:
"Could you work till your shift is over? It's only a few hours more."

Note: My manager KNEW that I was working the 1pm-10pm shift that day as I just told here at the start of the phone conversation.

2-10pm is like 8 hours more. Ya right~ A FEW hours ONLY.

But this is not exactly why it pissed me off.

I understand that we are short of staff. But I just cannot take the unfair treatment given to us!

Why is it that when another staff from her beloved outlet am allowed to go home because of headache whereas I'm almost fainting here and I'm not allowed to go home but have to work the next 8 hours?!

You take OUR staff to replace another staff at another outlet when we are already lacking of manpower. And no matter what, the outlet I'm working at is the main boutique okay!

And after that, she told me to call the part-timers by MYSELF to see if anyone could cover my shift.
If there is someone to cover my shift, then I'm allowed to go home.

Hello?! It's 2pm! And I remember it was a SUNDAY.

Seriously~ You must be kidding me.

Ok. Complaining can just go on forever alright.

I really enjoyed working here the past year and a half but I just couldn't stand all the nonsense my manager has been giving us (every here in the main boutique) since like 7 months ago?

Things just got from bad to worst.

Alright. I shall end this post here.

Hopefully in my next post on my job, it will be awesome.

I know it will be.

Till then,
Take care everyone!


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