Sunday, 3 February 2013

もっと 頑張ります!

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post as I'm on the bus to meet Himeko.

Just went for a really important meeting.

I'm not gonna say what is it about but to me it's near life and death.

After this meeting, I must say I am one more step nearer to my goal but then it does not end here.

I'm gonna continue to work harder and prove myself!

It's really a now or never thing for me already so I will give it my all!

I really hope that I will get all the support from not only my friends and families, but also from you!

But I must say, if everything goes well, I will be missing what I'm doing now lots which is blogging and vlogging!

From blogging, I got to know many people like my awesome B2 Himeko and Nadia and many many more!

From vlogging, I got to know Xiaorishu! Oh my god~ How I wish I can fly to London and we can have all the KFC together!!!

Chicken 最高‼

Ok. That's all for this post.

Guess it ended up not being that short after all~

But not to worry! I will still be blogging and gosh do I have tons of things to update on and my dumb video that I tried uploading for 2 days already to be up!

Till then,


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