Thursday, 14 February 2013

New Video Up!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I've been vlogging more often than I blog nowadays as to a certain extend, it takes lesser work I must say~

As compared to blogging where I have to set up everything to take the photos, then edit the photos, then upload the photos, then embed every photo into the post as I write before publishing the post itself which actually takes me on average 4-5 hours of work in total.

Yes. It takes THAT long.

Whereas for vlogging, setting up the lighting and stuff is optional. I just have to record the videos, edit them and leave the edited video to upload overnight as I go to bed! Which will take me much lesser time to complete the entire job I must say.


But fear not! I still enjoy blogging but just that recently as I really really busy, making videos on the road is a much convenient choice for now.

So here's my latest video!

Happy Chinese New Year and
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

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