Monday, 24 December 2012

Usagi Bags from Dakara Spree

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Hiho everyone!!!

It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

Ok. Back to post proper.

First up! I would like to talk about Morn Creations.

Have you heard of Morn Creations?

Morn, a symbol for vitality and stamina, brings warmth and light, as much as life, to the earth. This is why we adopted the name “Morn”.

Therefore, Morn Creations wishes that they are able to bring out a positive message and right attitude of life with every single piece of their designs!

You can read more here:

Now! I would like to share with you a site Dakara Spree.

Dakara (だから) in japanese means "That Is Why"..

Dakara Spree aims to bring you unique and irresistable designed items that you really want to get hold of at the best affordable price you can find!

For me, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a bunny bag!

Price: S$99.50

OMG! Isn't it just one of the most adorable things in this world?!
*It is to me for sure!!!*

Like seriously, you're paying only less than $100 for a super duper cute bag that's is so fluffy!

So gonna bring it out whenever I catch a movie! Heeehee~

Not only is it fluffy, it's really spacious, too!

Awesome for people like me who always bring the world out with us.
*OK. Just a small portion of my world*

And check this out!

Every different series's bags (Bunny, Owl, Big Cats Safari) have their own unique and matching zippers!


Too cute to resist? Wanna get yourself one?

Now here's a great promo for you!

From now till 31st December 2012:
You'll get $5 off for all orders!
And if your order is over $100 you get is $15 off!

Wait! There's more!!!

Remember me mentioning about Giveaway?

Now you could get your hands on one!

Price: S$78.50

You could be the owner of this bag above!
Just 3 simple steps and you could be happily bringing your very own bunny bag out, like me!

1. Download this photo of me and my fluffy bunny bag

2. Caption it as “I loveee the Morn Creation Bunny bag from Dakara Spree!” and post it on your Facebook

3. Leave a comment with the facebook link of the post you've shared!

That simple!

NOTE: This giveaway is only open to Singapore addresses only.

UPDATE! This giveaway will be closing this Saturday, 5th Jan 2013!
So join now!!!

Now we can all spread the message of Morn Creation with our cute, kawaii bags!

Don't forget to check out Dakara Spree's FB page and LIKE it!

Good luck!

XOXO Tsuriki

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