Tuesday, 31 December 2013

No more dry skin with NIVEA


Hi everyone!

Sorry I have not been blogging regularly as I am hardly in Singapore.

Seriously, I spend more than half of my time overseas everywhere except at home.

And now that it’s winter everywhere else on top of me flying, spending a lot of my time in the plane, my skin becomes really dry. Especially when I’m in places like New York and Helsinki where not only it is super cold and snowing now, it’s also very windy which makes my skin even drier!

So I have been investing my money into body lotion, body butter but I must say that it can be quite annoying at times when I am already super tired or rushing for time but yet I still have to wait for it to be absorbed else it would just leave the sticky feeling and stuff. Thus, I tend to skip applying lotion some times.

But now, NIVEA has come out with a brilliant, awesome product that would help me solve this problem!

I used to always wonder why there is only conditioner for hair and not body. This way I need to necessary always apply on lotion after each shower isn’t it?

Well, NIVEA sure could read my mind.

NIVEA has produced their new In-Shower Skin Conditioner which helps solve the problem of dry skin!

This Skin Conditioner works just like hair conditioner!

It is really simple to use!

Oh no not only do I face this problem because I am traveling to cold places a lot recently. My skin has been getting all these time as in Singapore, we actually depends a lot on air-conditioning to keep us cool.

A very high percentage of us study or work in air-conditioned environment.

A very high percentage of us sleep at night with our room air-conditioned.

A very high percentage of us spend a lot of our time daily traveling on the road in trains, buses, cabs, cars. And what? Aren’t they all air-conditioned, too?

So yes, even living in this warm and ever-Summer country, our skin do get dry and sometimes even worst as compared to those in countries with all 4 seasons.

So go on and grab one of the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner now!

It’s really easy to use and efficient, too!
Try it to believe it.

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