Friday, 6 April 2012

It's Good Friday ~ ♥

Hi everyone!

Today's Good Friday!

Sorry I have not been blogging much recently as I've been busy with work and stuff and not forgetting falling terribly sick, again.

Well, I seriously think that my work place's air-conditioning is waaaay too cold causing many people to fall sick.

So remember everyone! To drink more water and put on extra clothes if your workplace/classroom 's too cold and stuff like that...
Always bring along an umbrella as it rains pretty often recently (in Singapore).
Don't get yourself wet by the rain!

Ok. I'll be back blogging proper soon.
I have waaay too many blog posts needed to be up!
And one main thing this month is my leather handbag waiting to be shown to all of you!
Love that handbag sooo much I just have to bring it out last weekend which was only 1-2 days after I got it! Hahahaha!!!!



  1. omg the pic doesnt look like you so pretty :) when i only can be like you cute and pretty :(

  2. I found your blog through you youtube video, i love your blog and videos. you are so pretty!
    followed! <3

  3. awe! I hope you feel better and stay healthy!
    You're photo of you looks so pretty~



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