Friday, 13 April 2012

Shopping shopping~!

Hi everyone!

Ok~ Here's a quick post before I start flooding all of you with reviews after reviews!

So like what the title of this post is, it's gonna be all about my shopping recently!

Bought the Bebe Poshe face powder for $29.90 (if I didn't remember wrongly) from Watsons as I've finished up my Canmake one.

Not that that Canmake one isn't good but it's really little in amount and they don't have refill pack so ya.. it is actually pretty pricey for me to buy the whole powder again and again for such a small amount of powder.

So I decided to give this Bebe Poshe one a try and so far I really like it!

It's really soft and gives a smooth finish like the Canmake one.

But one thing I really like the Canmake one as compared to this Bebe Poshe powder if that Canmake's face powder gives a natural pinkish finish instead of the normal white fair-ish finish for the Bebe Poshe one that's alike to many other brands I've tried before.

So ya... to conclude, I still prefer the Canmake one simply because of the pinkish finish.

Bought this pair of wedge platforms at $35 from Far East Plaza.

I got this pair simply because of work. Dumb work place only allows me to wear black shoes so...
Sadly I have to buy boring black shoes for work... 嫌だ!

And now for the items waiting for my when I got home yesterday!


First! Ok.. These are not what I bought but still I wanna mention them.

CandyDoll samples!

They are actually sent from CandyDoll Singapore as welcome gifts for people who like their Facebook page and join their mailing list.

Yeah! I can't wait to try the Powder foundation and Makeup base!
Think I'm gonna leave the Liquid foundation one side as it's in shade 02, confirm too dark for me!

GalStar Wedge Heels!

Around $30SGD for the heels from Rakuten. Shipping *ahem* shall not talk about it.
The heels is about 1.2kg. So ya... you can roughly know the cost just for shipping for that...

I personally have no idea why I bought such a sweet colour but I really LOVE this heels in this shade of pink so I decided to get them in pink.

After my pink Club Marc heels got spoilt, I guess I can say this is the only pair of pink heels I own currently.

The heels is like 15cm height.

You may think that it's like freaking tall and stuff like that.
Well, I must say, YES I felt super tall wearing them on!

*My height of 159cm + 15cm = 174cm!!! OMG!!!*

But frankly speaking, it didn't feel uncomfortable at all!
It feels just like any of my other wedges, very comfortable and stable.

Just... the feeling of leaving off the ground a little more because of the high platforms.

But ya.. at times like this, I really dislike having super small feet!

I bought a size S which is already the smallest but still it is a little big for me!
Hate shoe shopping in Japan cos I can never find the perfect size for me!

But then again, their designs are so so pretty I just couldn't resist!

And like I said earlier, this colour is really really sweet.

Even my previous pink heels are like in dark pink or shocking pink shade which are more of my character and clothing style.

But I guess as your (ok, my) age goes up, fashion style and liking really changes.

So ya.. I have been shopping, looking around for clothes to match this pair of heels.

Any recommendations anyone?

Unibearsity pouch! 可愛くないでしょう?

If I didn't remember wrongly, I paid about $35SGD for this pouch? (Excluding shipping, again)
*Don't wish to look back at credit card's bill. It's disheartening*

Look! The cute logo on it's foot! (Or paw, whatever you call it)

Ok~ I couldn't decide to get this, Unibearsity, or a Duffy pouch.

But since I'm going Hong Kong (and I made it a point that I want to go to Hong Kong DisneyLand) I thought I mind as well get one Duffy when I'm there instead.

So ya, I decided to get this Unibearsity after asking my colleague's opinion at work. LOL!

*Impulsive buy, I know*

Oki! That's all for this (not so) short post!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Which Canmake face powder did u use? can I have da full name of da product? thanks :D

    1. It's Canmake Marshmallow Finishing Powder

  2. I really love the pink wedges you got, super cute!

  3. Tsuriki*chan!!!!
    I bought somewhere a same pair of wedges!!! But in pink<3 LOL!
    and your pink heels from japan is LOVELY!<3



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