Thursday, 12 April 2012

Random Thought~

Oh boy.. I just miss my blonde hair, my blonde wig.

Can't believe that I actually have been (some how) back with dark coloured hair for like 8 months after 5 years of light coloured hair!

I actually stayed with dark colour hair for so long!

*C'mon, compared to 5 years of light colour hair...*

But ya, I really wanna get my light coloured hair back.
Or something wild before my youth is gone!

*Don't laugh! I may LOOK young but the date on my birth certificate does not change!*

Ok. I'll blog proper soon.
Have too many photos to be taken and edited and etc etc.

Btw, I'm trying out Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost Range Sleep Pack, Tsubaki Head Spa Range and Cetaphil's moisturiser now.
So I'll post reviews for them soon!

And also I got a new face powder from Bebe Poshe, Eyebrow Pencil from DollyWink so I'll do review for them, too!

Ok.. Alot more to be added onto the list of To-Blog.
Not forgetting all my random stuff in life and bimbo moments and stuff with my Bimbo buddy Himeko of course!

I shall stop here for now!

See you soon!

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