Wednesday, 13 August 2008

fourth post
birthday photos!!!

my desserts!!!
dango, darayaki and marble cheesecake!!!

snapshot of dann and his lamb chop!!!

seriously i think it looks like prawns in the photo...

our drinks!
and adorijible!!!

our sundaes at swensen's!!!
frosted chocoloate malt, nutty mighty and firehouse.
(from left to right)

surprise party area - LTN1!!!
and lue song just made it to school~

i was so blurr i didnt know what to do...

ah~~~ you all so "bad"....
i cry le lah~

me with my standard peace sign!

and here's everyone present
getting ready for photo-taking.
(except dann and ezzat cos they're photographers)

smile for the camera!!!
sadly not this camera at that point of time...

now here's everyone smiling for this camera~
say cheese~~~!!!

and here comes danny!!!

the apple pair!!!
we just couldnt take a proper shot!

and here's the F4!!!
hai ya! cut ezzat!!!

opps! ezzat realised i'm cutting him!!!
dont care! continue!!!

and here's the big doraemon!!!
thank you ezzat!!!

at S11 for supper!!!

on my way home~
apple pair finally with a proper shot!

and here's santa's bag!!!
thank you everyone for the presents!!!

thank you jasmin and wendy
for this doraemon cushion!!!

thank you chelsea
for this box of butter cookies.

(the back of the tin)

thank you 08 batch for this lovely hand-made birthday card!!!
drawn by vicky oh!!!

and lastly my present from dann.
a sweet hand-made card!!!
a passport wallet for travelling!!!
*next year... next year...*
and a random gift - socks.

*i really wonder what other random gifts would i recieve next year*
*after track pants and socks...*
*what's next?*

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