Wednesday, 13 August 2008

First Birthday post.

yo people!

it's the first post on my birthday.
and ya...
i dont get to have a proper birthday cake this year.
all i had was in the photo above,
4 small slices of cake.
and to make it even more sad,
my candle was a small one.

so sad...

i'm only 1 year old...
and so amazingly,
i'm able to blog on my own
even though i'm only 1 year old.


just as i was putting my hair mask just now,
all i really wanted all these past 9 years,
was not really a happy birthday.
but just a birthday that i wont be sad,
neither would i be angry.

oh well...
so yesterday,
12 august,
i 've gotten my hair cut at J's again...
even more shocking price this time.

i feel like my hair are made of sliver
(cause not to the extend of gold)

and after the hair cut,
dann and i went for lunch at far east plaza
and GELARE!!!
waffle ice cream!!!

we had 2 flavors of ice cream,
butter pecan and macadamian nut.
and also,
instead of normal waffle,
we had chocolate chips waffle.
yum yum~~~


next we went to wisma where dann collected his repaired camera,
and i fell asleep on the sofa while waiting.

after spending half a day with dann,
i met my dad and stepmom for dinner.
sadly my sis couldnt come along with us again...

this time we went to united square's soup restaurant for dinner.
i wouldnt say the food is nice.

(comments to myself)

and after dinner
when making the payment,
the total was only $1 less
than my hair cut.

out of a sudden,
my hair became more expensive.
only then,
i felt like my hair was made out of gold.

oh well...
right now i'm just waiting forward to today,
and the best present i would want now,
i guess it would be light in my room.

my light bulb had fused...
so ya...
i'm blogging in the dark
and this laptop of mine
is my only source of light.


good night people!
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