Monday, 12 February 2007

Work Begins!

hello people!

like evey year,
my sis will sell flowers during the valentine's day period.

so my sis went to buy the flowers this morning,
and when she got back,
she woke me up to help her remove all the torns of the roses when she goes to school.
and ya,
that's how i woke up today.


i think i shall upload the photo of my living room after i've finished removing the torns of the roses.


what do you think of it?


and guess what?
i have not cleared the mess.


i guess that's all for the moment ba...

and for the next few days,
now till v-day itself,
i'll be stuck at home wrapping flowers.


that's my v-day.

and one last sentence,

"we're officially closed for orders".

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