Wednesday, 14 February 2007


hey people!


went out with dear, dar, ign and al yesterday.

heard from ign that we supposed to meet at 1pm at marina.


when it was 1pm guess where am i?

i was at toa payoh lor 7 searching for flowers.

and i typed,
"heard from ign"
that's because i was supposed to meet dear first then we go together.
and dear was supposed to call me when she's ready then we leave our house together.

but then i left home earlier to search for flowers lah.

it seems like all the flower shops at lor 7 sells only those 'chinese new year' flowers.
so i had to go to central to look for it.
anyway i 'was' early,
so i walked there,
taking my own sweet time,
drinking bubble time.

oh ya!

it i mentioned that the lady at the bubble tea shop said i'm pretty?

makes my day happy.


so i got the flowers,
but the i left it at the shop first.
cant expect me to bring it along with me to marina right?

so i met dear on the bus,
went to marina,
went kbox,
(ign's treat).

i dont know why,
these few days,
i've been going to the toilet quite often.
so most of the time i was walking in and out of the room going toilet.

as usual,
it will come to a point of time that we just any-o-how sing.


actually quite often...


after kbox,
we took a bus back.
before that while waiting for the bus,
i got a little angry with dear.

she deleted the photo we took together just now.


i dont think many people would think that a simple photo would be how important.
but to me,
every photo is important.
no matter how ugly it could be,
or even blurred,
they are all important.
they are all parts of my life.
in the past,
when i was living a happy life,
i did not take enough photos to note they down.
so now,
no matter what,
i will take any photo to remember how i spent my day,
my happy day.
and by deleting it,
it's like throwing away a part of my happy life.
and that's why i got angry.

so i was angry,
and i didnt talk to dear from that point where she deleted the photo.
not when we're waiting for the bus,
not when we're on the bus.

i got this feeling that she crying at the back,
and i even peeked by looking at the reflection from the car beside.

i turned to look back at her,
it seems like she didnt noticed.
when i alight from the bus,
i said bye to ign,
dar didnt see,
then i sms bye to dear.


so i got the flower,
got myself dinner,
went home,
prepared ting's curler as i had to return her,
ate dinner,
watch tv,
went downstairs to return ting the curler,
back home,
watch more tv,
wrapped flowers till 2am,

oh ya.

during kbox,
once when i went toilet,
stupid me injured my thumb.
and now it's like swollen,
*did i spell it right?*
it got so painful in the night that i couldnt sleep at all.

so guess what time i fell asleep?

around 6-7am.

i saw the sky getting brighter.

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