Thursday, 8 February 2007

きょ わたしを なきました。

i have been cooking alot lately.
cooking makes me happy.
and by the number of times i cook,
you can see how much i want to be happy.

after the paper today,
i came back,
bought food,
and cooked lunch.

it's been a long time since my sis and i ate together at the dinning table.
after finishing our meal,
my sis started to talk about some stuff.
some stuff which i have not been facing,
nor telling her about.

i hardly tell anyone.
only a few people know.

and i'm going to blog it now.
this is something i purposely left out when i blogged on the 14th last month.
that day,
i went out with dar and ign.
we went kbox.
we took the bus home,
after dar and i alight,
after "waiting" for my bus,
i said it.

"i dont want him"

and ya.

like that.

and ya...
my sis got to know it.
and just now she said that i have something i have not tell her.
and so.
i told her.



right now,
these are two topics i wish least to bring up.


just like me...

i cry easily.

ever sinced 14 Jan 2007,
today is the first time i cried.

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