Sunday, 18 February 2007


hey yo people!
Happy Chinese New Year!

i dont know why,
at the moment when i first opened my eyes,
i felt that my room was spinning.

whatever in my sight was spinning.
even when i went to shower,
or before i left home after wearing my shoes,
it's still spinning.

at least i got to my dad's house alone safely.

like i said,
i went to my dad's house.
i met my sis and ray downstairs before going up.
yu hu!
i didnt lose my way through from the bus stop far from my dad's place.

so we ate some goodies,
watch a little tv,
relax on the massage chair,
then go we to my first uncle's house.

from what i heard from my dad,
my uncle had never invited anyone to his house before.
this time,
it's the first time he opened his mouth and invited all of us!

almost the whole usual family was there,
except my 2nd uncle and his wife.
they're not in singapore if not wrong...
they didnt come for the reunion dinner on thursday either.

come to think of it.
this year,
it's the very first time i got to get hong bao from my uncles and aunties (from my dad's side).
from my dad's side,
all i get is from my grandparents.
it's before new year,
during our reunion dinner.

so at my uncle's house,
my auntie cooked curry chicken for everyone as lunch.
then we sat around...
watched tv...
my dad and his brothers and sister (& etc etc) talk talk talk...
some of my cousins went to play tennis/badminton at the court...
and as usual,
the mok family,
there is no gathering without any alcohol.

we stayed there for about 3-4hours,
then my sis and ray went to ray's uncle's house if not wrong.
(i forgot le).
my dad and his wife went to her dad's place?
as for me,
i'm now home blogging,
watching 完全娱乐.


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