Friday, 2 February 2007

we walked about.

yesterday i went out with zhihui before she went to school for dmd retest.
we went to bugis as i had to collect the project superstar thingy.
which by the way...
i find no use of me keeping it.

anyone wanna buy the project superstar book that comes with one packet of cards?
i'm willing to sell mine.

cheap cheap no problem!

back to the point.
walk walk.

so we had lunch at yoshinoya.
zhihui wanted to eat at the food court over there but then there wasnt any space.
so since yoshinoya is near and most importantly has space,
we decided to eat there.
after lunch,
i help zhihui with customising her mp3.
from what zhihui said,
it took me 1 hour to stick the sticker thingy.

then we went walk walk.
i've know that there isnt much thing to walk to see in parco itself.
and because of time limit,
we didnt go to bugis street either.
so i brought zhihui to the icon building which is beside parco.

guess what?
when we first reached icon,
we ended up buying socks,
walking around that one and only shop for a long time.
AND it's like the first shop we saw.

the lift open.
we saw the shop.
we went in.

i was kinda surprised in that sense as i thought that that kind of shop which sells those jap jap gothic clothes,
zhihui may not be interested.
like only jess and i would be more interested.
oh well.
that proves me wrong.

i've noticed that the price of things there are cheaper than the shop in far east.
although the things may be more expensive than those in marina sq,
there are more unique stuff.

i was kinda shocked when i saw the boss ( lao ban niang ).
so was zhihui.
she saw like wearing until...
i dont know how to describe.
and the sales assitant there was...
so cute!

so we bought socks.
zhihui bought her lacy socks
and i bought the ball ball knee length socks that i always wanted.
it's kinda expensive like i say,
but then...
if the socks if black,
i wouldnt buy.
but it's white!
it's like so hard to find white ones in singapore.
black ones are more common.


zhihui and i saw these hp chains which are like SO CUTE!
just nice she likes the black one and i like the white one.
but then,
we didnt buy it/them.
i didnt buy because i was shocked by the price.
guess how much is it?


for just a hp chain!!!

oh my!

zhihui's reason for not buying it is that her hp doesnt have the hole to hang it.


so both of use ended up not buying it.



on wed,
zhihui and i wanted to come to my house first
then go back to school after maths
for our data presentation.

we wante to rent a movie to come back to my house to watch as i actually decided to go watch movie.
i didnt.
because zhihui would never watch what i wanted to watch.
ghost tunnel.
i dont really know what the movie is about.
i wanted to watch it because oguri shun acted in it.

so when we reached toa payoh central...
the vcd rental shop wasnt open yet.
so we went to eat something.

after early lunch,
i think that going to my house may be a waste of time as it's quite hard to get zhihui to come to tpc.
so why not i go shopping with her instead.
so we walked about...

one shop that i myself would never miss even if i've walked the whole tpc a million of times.
one of my favourite shop.
the shoes shop near the interchange.
why do i like that shop?
cause their shoes there are unique.
the boss brought only a few pairs back from hong kong herself.
so that's one of reason why i like it.
for those who know me,
you know i dont like to have to same thing as others ar...
number two.
the price is reasonable!
until now the price of shoes i've seen had never been above $30 nett.
and for myself,
i've never bought any pair of shoes there for more than $26 nett.

and ya.
zhihui and i got ourselves a pair of shoes.
the pair of shoes i bought,
actually i had been eyeing on it for some time already.
i personally find it VERY unique.
cute too...

it was the last pair already.
"should i buy or not?"
the lady said that it was actually $30,
but since it's the last pair,
her give me $28.
i wasnt very sure if i should buy it or not.
i was thinking if she give me $26 then i buy.
if not,
then i shall just totally forget about it.
and ya.
she gave $26.
so i buy lor...

when looking through some vcds,
we saw jess, yi ling and ting.
or rather they saw us instead.
the 3 of them got their hair cut.
and seriously.
i like jess's new hairstyle.

as i want to try to keep long hair,
i didnt cut much lah.
if not i sure cut short short.
maybe even shorter than jess's.


back to school...
i so totally have this feeling that the teacher feel that zhihui didnt the whole thing and not me.
oh my tian...

never mind...

i cant do anything now...
or even then...

oh ya.
did i mention that i went out with my glasses yesterday?

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