Saturday, 30 August 2014

Daily bits in Singapore

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post before I fly off to Japan and Paris for the week.

In July, I finally managed to meet up with some of my friends from Primary and Secondary School!

Here's Kathy! My friend from Primary School.
Well, she has changed her name but I still call her Kathy alright.

I've known this girl since Primary One! Can't believe how time flies!

The guys I've known since Secondary One, Darren and Alvin!
Forever making me smile and laugh like hell.

Ignatius joined us after KTV session for dinner! And yea! My friend since Secondary Three!
It sure is awesome being with this group of friends again! I've been like 7-8 years since I last met Alvin.
Let's meet up more often!

Then a few days before my birthday in August, I finally had time to get my hair done!

Headed to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash at Liang Court to get a trim, roots touched up and treatment!

Had the bubble spa and moisturising treatment!

Just look at how healthy my hair look after treatment!

If you haven't realised, Naoki Yoshihara has been sponsoring all my hair services since the start of this year!
I really like the service and hospitality you can get at their salon!

Happy happy me!!!

The next day, I headed to Johor Bahru with my friends to play laser tag!

Shu Zhen, Jezemine, Himeko and I at City Square's Xu Liu Shan after 2 rounds of lase tag!
It's super super fun! You should totally go play with your friends, too!

But of course! The more people you go with, it will be more fun!

4 people is like the minimum if you wanna play team games.

After getting back from JB, Himeko went home to prepare for her dinner appointment.
The rest of us headed to Chinatown to meet Hui Ning for Korean Buffet Dinner! 

Am so so happy to meet up with my friends especially now that I'm hardly in Singapore, I treasure every time I meet my friends even more!

OK! That's all for this short post!

See you all in another week when I'm back!

XOXO, Tsuriki!

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