Wednesday, 6 August 2014

ピカチュウ カフェ Pikachu Cafe!
Limited time only!

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こんにちは!Hello everyone!

Once again! Here's a post about my life in Japan! 

Ok. I wanted to continue on my trip in Korea but! I thought that since the Pikachu cafe is for a limited time and will ends the end of this month, I shall blog on this first!

So yes! Like mentioned already, this post is gonna be on the Pikachu cafe!

The Pikachu cafe is for a limited time only at the Pokemon Exhibition at Roppongi Hills.

First! You have to get your tickets up the skyscaper for the Pokemon Exhibition.

I got the cheapest ticket which costs ¥1500, estimated around $18SGD.
This ticket includes entry to the Pokemon Exhibition and the Mori Art Museum.

After getting up onto the 52 floor, you will see Ash and Pikachu at the entrance to the Pokemon Exhibition!

And of course! I must take a selfie!

The view of Tokyo!

See! Tokyo Tower is so near!!!

And yes, everyone is Pokemon and PIKACHU!!!

The list of all Pokemon movies till date. 

Have you watched 'em all?

And Pokemon airplanes! 

The art of settings in Pokemon. 

I sure do see some familiar settings!

A mini game to see which Pokemon will you find.

Guess who I found?

And soon! It's time to queue for the cafe!

Note! I totally missed going to the theater. After exiting the cafe I just somehow walked out of the exhibition and was not able to walk back to the theater. So just go to the theater first!

The Menu!

Everything is just so cute!

I actually wanted to order a main and a dessert but after queuing for almost an hour, I seriously was not that hungry anymore.

The display of products limited to this exhibition.

I got 2 mugs! One Pikachu and One Harimaron! Just so so cute!!!

Display of the food from the menu!

Purchase your food coupon!

And finally! After almost an hour, it's my turn to enter the cafe!!!

The little window where all food is served from!

My float that comes with the set.

Kiwi flavoured Harimaron Drink!

Yeah! My food is served!!!

Isn't it so cute!!! I just couldn't bear to eat it!

Camwhored for a long time before I start digging it!

Pikachu pudding that comes with the set!


Oki! And here marks the end of the Pokemon exhibition!

I didn't take any photos at the gift shop cos it was jam packed with people as I went on a Saturday. Plus it's summer holidays now.

So if you're a fan of Pokemon and are going to Tokyo within this month, why not go for the exhibition?!

Have fun in Tokyo! See you next post!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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