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Solo Korea Trip - Hunting Kpop Stars!

Hihi everyone!
Sorry for not updating my blog the past 2 weeks. Well, I have been lazy and just enjoying my birthday week to the max the first week and the second week I was back busy with work.
Today, I'm gonna continue my travelogue for my Korea trip in April.
Ya. Like seriously. It's already August and I have not finished blogging about my 1 week trip in Korea that was 4 months ago!
So it was day 4 and it was the day I have all to my own.
I headed out in the morning to head to Market O Cafe!
Yes I believe many people should know Market O for their brownies which are like super awesome. For someone like me who don't really like chocolate stuff to say that it's awesome, it HAS to be FREAKING AWESOME! LOL~
So I left the hotel around 11am that morning and set off to the outlet in Gangnam!
If you wanna know how to get there, you can check out this link:
Ok. The directions are a little outdated. But in general when you're at Sinsa Station, find the bus that goes to Horim Art Center.
The bus number on the website is outdated and no it is definitely not just 3 stops away.
I can't remember what bus did I take exactly but you can just to the bus stop and check for the bus that goes to Horim Art Center 호림아트센터. It's stated only in Korean on the bus schedule board.
I still can't read Korean but I sure can identify the same character for sure, right?
Once you get on the bus, not to worry, unlike in Singapore where you may have to like take note and stare at the bus stop signage at every stop, in Korea, they will actually announce the current and next stop in Korean, followed by the current stop in English.
Once you alight from the bus, you can see Market O Cafe on your left, just a few metres away!

Their awesome yummy looking brunch menu!

Love the interior of the cafe, too!
They have a restaurant on the second level which serves more proper food stuff.

How I wish Market O will open an outlet here in Singapore!
I'll be their regular customer!

Their little area where they display their macaroons.
Oh my god their macaroons! They are just super delicious it's the best I've eaten so far! It's my number on favourite till date!

Ice Tea (I think)

Seriously don't remember what I ordered for my drink but I suppose it's iced tea? LOL

And yes, while waiting for my food to be served, other than staring at the handsome waiters, it's time to camwhore!!!
And yes. I am not joking about the handsome waiters. There were 2 waiters on duty that time that I was there and they seriously look handsome!
If you're all into the Kpop kind of handsome, Gangnam is so your place to go! Staffs in shops in Gangnam is all your type!

Yes, guilty for staring that handsome guys but whatever! Haha~

And food is served! Ordered their Super Benedict Brunch.
Super yummy and although it is a little price 18,000 WON which is around $22SGD, it is worth the price. So willing to pay the price!
Plus! How often do you travel, right?
After my proper meal, I sat for a while and then ordered a dessert!
Like I'm already at Market O Cafe, I have to try their fresh brownie or something, right?!
So I ordered their fondue brownie (can't remember the exact name) which needs about 20 mins to prepare.

And TADA!! Here it is!!

Once again I have to emphasis that I am NOT a chocolate lover but this is just super delicious!
There's actually chocolate sauce inside the brownie.
The whole brownie isn't just like all sweet. The brownie itself is not very sweet. In fact, a little bitter. But with the sweetness of the chocolate sauce in between, it's just perfect!
Plus, it is served with some simple crackers so you don't get all sick of the brownie after just a few bites.
Frankly speaking, this brownie is a little big for one person to eat, considering that I juts had my meal before this but it was so nice I finished the entire brownie!
After my dessert, I bought some brownies and macarons as souvneir which I will show later in this post. And the, it was time to explore Gangnam!

Just everywhere is Kim Soo Hyun! He's so cute!!!

You can actually get a map to Kpop Gangnam at Market O Cafe. It is a map that shows you like shops that Kpop celebrities like to shop or even own themselves. Cafes they like to go and of course, all the different agencies' location!

Gangnam is also like their Orchard Paragon, Ginza kind of area where you can find all branded shops there.

For me, I was heading straight to the agencies' area!
And here I am at CUBE Entertainment's Cafe!

Just love their outdoor decor!

Yes, I like BTOB! Heehee

I guess with this photo, you will know who I like most in BTOB alright.

Ok. I really like to camwhore in the outdoor area.

I feel a bit bad for not ordering anything but I really was too full after eating all those awesome stuff in Market O. I thought I would have some space in my stomach after walking uphill to CUBE but no, I was wrong~

Next stop, JYP.
There was a group of girls waiting outside of JYP that day. I wonder if they were waiting for Nickhun? Why did I say Nickhun?
Cos when I was leaving FNC later on, there was a car that drove passed me in very slow speed ( the road is like super narrow ), I looked into the car and it was Nickhun and Tiffany!
Although it was only a few seconds but yea, I did really manage to see at least one Kpop star this trip alright! LOL

The cafe near JYP that apparently many artistes of JYP like to go.
Quite understandable, since it's like just opposite the road?
Decor looks good but ya, I couldn't eat anymore. *sobs*

FNC! I was there and just nice CN Blue left that morning to go Beijing. Sadded!!!

The old building of SM Entertainment. Didn't know they have a new building...
Maybe I shall go hunt again my next trip to Korea?
See how...

MCM! The evil place with super handsome staff. I almost fell for that face and bought a cardholder.
What's wrong? I NEVER USE A CARD HOLDER!!!

At Apgujeong station!

Jun K!!! Yes, he's my favourite in 2PM.
Many people around me just can't understand why but I just like him! Got problem huh?

Taecyeon and his cute cat drawings
Not forgetting Nichkhun, Wooyoung

Junho and Chansung

After this, I headed to Myeongdong to SHOP!!!

MCM Myeongdong's opening! But no~ The place is evil.
I shall not step in again!

Once again, Kim Soo Hyun everywhere!
Ok. I didn't really take much photos in Myeongdong cos after walking for a while, I feel that everywhere looks so similar.
After shopping, I just wanted to find somewhere quiet to get dinner and found this little shop that sells simple Korean food.

Finally tried their cold noodles!
The taste is not bad. Just that maybe I'm not used to it but their noodles is a little difficult to bite.
It's like a little.. too chewy.
After dinner, I headed back to the hotel where my sister was waiting and bought fried chicken along the way back.

My shopping in Myeongdong.
Not a lot but I did go back the next day to get a few more stuff alright.

Fried chicken! Ok. I forgot what is it called in Korean again. Can someone enlighten me again?

This is like so so cheap! It's only 10,000WON which is around $12SGD.
And guess what?! It's actually a whole chicken! Plus it comes with radish so that you won't find it all oily after eating.

Super super yummy! I miss you! I wanna go back to Korea and eat again!

My goodies from Market O Cafe!

Bought 2 boxes of 8 macaroons with one of each flavours in each boxes.
One box for Himeko and one box for my sister and I to share.

And yes, I have to say again.
Please please please open an outlet in Singapore! I will go buy every month!!! LOL!
Oki! That's all for this post!
See you in my next post!
XOXO, Tsuriki.

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