Saturday, 31 May 2014

Solo Korea Trip - Travelling back in time


Hihi everyone!

In today's post, I wanna bring you back into the old days in Korea!

Started my journey with my sister in the morning that day to the Korean Folk Village!

The Mok sisters on the shuttle bus!

Yup, they cater free shuttle bus services from a few subway stations.

Check out KFV's official website for more info:

And here we are at the entrance to KFV!

Upon entering, you'll see a shop that sells Kpop and Kdrama stuff of the various dramas that were filmed in KFV!

Kim Soo-Hyun!! I started liking him ever since Dream High! He's just so cute!!!

The backdoor has PSY.

I was fan-girl-ing all the CN Blue and My Love from Another Star stuff in the shop but I didn't get anything as nothing really caught my eyes.

After leaving the shop, we were attracted by a super good smell and it was...


And that restaurant actually has outdoor dinning like in the old days so my sister and I decided to find a table and get a Seafood Pancake to share! 

It was really difficult to find a table outside as EVERYONE wanna dine outside, too!

Thankfully there was a nice mom who helped us look out for empty table!

I guess many people do not know but I really like 古装戏. Like those shows filmed in the old days.
Be it China or Korean, I just love them! 

I even wonder how does it really feel to live in those days where there's no technology and stuff like even soap! LOL~

So ya! I love this place, love dinning outside, love visiting KFV!

And soon, our seafood pancake was ready!

Just look at it.


Thankfully we decided to just get ONE to share...

After filling out stomachs, we started our journey into the past proper.

At the door, there's a map of locations where many dramas were filmed at respectively.

This cow is REAL okay? 

Love kimchi?

Real dried corns hanging!

Come let's take a selfie!

Ajeossi selling traditional candy

Change into traditional costumes and get your portrait drawn by this pretty lady! 

Photos with the stars!

Ajeossi making straw shoes!

A little store that sells traditional desserts!


Seriously they are all super good at the horse acrobats!

The area of the park where there's rides and stuff!

Haunted house anyone?

I feel like a giant beside this house.

Well, we did not manage to finish the entire village cause it is just too big!

Seriously did not expect it to be SO BIG!

If I were to go Seoul again, I would love to go there again and complete everything!

It looks so pretty as if it was a piece of painting!

Lastly, selfies with the mascots!

This tigger has very good manners. I was taking a video of it before that, he/she thought I was taking photo can kept posing for me! Super nice! 

Bunny bunny!

Horsey also very cute!

Got myself a corn while waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive!

Seriously, it's huge!

But honestly, Korea's corn texture feels different. 

Like... gummy? I don't really like it even though I am a huge fan of corn.

After leaving KFV, my sis and I decided to have Japanese food for dinner as she really misses Japanese food after living in Korea for more than a month.

On my way back to the hotel, I got some bread!

Yummy yummy!

And so much cheaper than in Singapore.

Oki! That's all for this post!

See you soon in my next post!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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