Sunday, 4 May 2014

Solo Korea Trip - Flying with Vietnam Airlines


Hi everyone!

Sorry for not blogging the past few months.

I've been busy and finally able to get a week off from work for a short trip on my own.

Normally I would do like Day 1 Day 2 post for my travelogues but I think Vietnam Airlines deserve a post on its own.

Good or bad, you decide for yourself.

So I shall start with Checking in my baggage at the airport.

Before departing, I've already did a web check-in online so normally you should think that just checking in of baggage should be quite fast, right?

Well, WRONG! At the counter, there were only 4 people? in the queue for the web check-in counter.

Ahahaha it took forever!!!

Even the normal check-in counter took forever, too!

NOTE: It was the same, and even worst when I checked-in for my return flight in Seoul. I queued for more than an hour!!!

I reached the airport pretty early but in the end, I didn't even have much time to have proper dinner with my bro-in-law who sent me to the airport.

After boarding the plane smoothly, here's my meal toward Vietnam.

Chicken and Pasta with pesto sauce. Love~! Hahaha

After an hour plus flight, I arrived in Vietnam and to wait for my transit flight to Seoul.

No wifi available so I just camwhore and watched some video on my phone to entertain myself while waiting for 2 hours.

Finally it was time to board.

Guess what, I was queuing and when I was reaching the gate, a ground staff came over and asked me I am travelling alone. 

Explaining that my flight was over booked and asked if I could take the next flight to Seoul instead which is like only 20 mins later.

To make it up to me, they will upgrade me to Business class.

I was very fine with the flight change since it's only gonna be around 20 mins difference plus I get to sit Business class! 

I must say the Vietnamese staff is very nice and friendly, including that cabin crews, too! The Vietnamese crews on all my flight are very nice!

When I got on the plane, I realised that there was someone in my seat thus I asked the Korean crew that was in-charged of business class. You know what she replied me?

"Can you please sit here?" *points at empty seat in front of us*

Like... ok fine... I was upgraded for free, I shouldn't complain on where I sit although I did request for window seat and WAS GIVEN a window seat but she could have at least replied me properly, nicely right?

Then later I realised the other 2 Korean passenger who were upgraded like me from our original flight had the same problem. Apparently a few passengers decided to switch seats on their own and this Korean crew decided to just let them be. Only when the 2 Korean auntie uncle asked, she told her in-charge what's going on. But still, similarly, she asked that 2 passengers to just sit in whichever seats available.

Hello? They are obviously husband and wife yet you let them sit far away from each other when they were assigned seats together?!


Oh ya! Plus before meal order taking, the Korean crew was giving out the documents for entering Korea and I was sleeping.

She just stuff the documents into my hands roughly and walked away.

Hey! I'm obviously sleeping isn't it?! Can't you just leave it in my seat pocket or something?!

Damn pissed off with her!!!

Here's my meal on my flight to Seoul. Yummy yummy!

Ordered some cocktail for my drink. Drink a little helps me sleep better on a night flight.

My main dish. Fried noodles with Pork.

So after meal, I soon went to sleep. 

When I woke up, I asked the Korean crew for a glass of water.

The kitchen was just 2 rows in front of me.

She took 15-20 mins to prepare a whole tray of water and passed around to everyone.

I thought "oh she so nice to pass around water for everyone".

Some time later, some other Korean passenger asked the same crew for a glass of water.

She immediately brought one glass of water for him. When she walked pass me after serving that passenger, I asked for another glass of water.

Again, she took 15-20 mins to prepare a whole tray of water and passed around to everyone.

Yo! The Korean passengers you serve so fast! Why every time I ask for water you must take forever?!

Bear in mind, that did not just happen these 2 times. 

Thankfully the flight to Seoul isn't that long. I didn't have to see that black face of hers for a long time.

Oki. That's all for this post. 

See you in my next post on my first day in Korea soon!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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