Monday, 12 May 2014

Solo Korea Trip - Travelling out of Seoul


Hihi everyone!

Today I'm gonna blog on my first day of my solo trip to Korea this April!

Finally! I'm at Incheon International Airport!

Travel tip: Be KIASU after you land cos the immigration at ICN Airport takes FOREVER! 
So yes, you have to be as kiasu as possible and chiong to the immigration counters before the queue gets long!

The cool tunnel towards Airport Railway

I rent pocket Wifi and the counter from collection is stationed at the end of this tunnel.

The company I rent my pocket Wifi from is

I got the cheapest plan of 5,500 won per day from Seoul coverage. That's about $6SGD per day.

Which means it does not work out of Seoul. If you are planning of leaving Seoul for one than a day, you would wanna opt of the other plans depending on where are you planning to head to.

At the Airport Railway. Yes, I could immediately feel that I'm in the land of KPOP.

I wanted to get a Cashbee card which is Korea's Ezlink card but the convenience store near the station ran out of it and I was too lazy to walk the way to another convenience store to get it.

So I decided to just get the single trip ticket at that time since the fare does not make any difference.

Travel tip: Korea has 2 different brands of Ezlink card. Cashbee and T-Money.
Cashbee is not only cheaper but you can also collect points. And also, if you understand Korean, you can use the Cashbee app, register your card and use the money in your card for wifi, too, should you not rent a pocket wifi.

But then again, wifi is quite accessible in Seoul. There are many wifi hotspots available almost everywhere! 

Got a bottle of Banana milk to drink along my 1.5 hours train trip from the Airport to my hotel.

After arriving at my hotel, I dropped my luggage at the reception as it was not time to Check-in yet then waited for my sister to arrive before we set off to out of Seoul!

Note: I do not have any makeup on that day. Sorry for my naked pale face in the photos.

We took the KIX line for about an hour to Cheongpyung station followed by a shuttle bus to get to The Garden of Morning Calm!

Travel tip: The shuttle bus fare is 500 won and you may get on and off any stop you want at various travel spots.

Besides The Garden of Morning Calm, there's also other places of Nami Island, Petite France etc etc.

If you want, I would recommend you to book a resort/hotel in that area as travelling back and forth from Seoul takes a really long time. Plus, one day really isn't enough to explore around!

White Sakura in Seoul!

Unlike Japan where their Cherry Blossoms are all pink, Korea has both White and Pink ones!

All the pretty flowers in Spring!!!

Any fans of Korean Drama You're Beautiful remember this Greenhouse?

Yea! It is THE Greenhouse!

Super pretty inside!!!

To be honest, these flowers are really small and cute! Heehee!

And next!

This area!!!

Feels so happy!

Pink Sakura found!

And my sister finally got to fulfill her wish off having to spend her birthday under a Sakura tree!

And next, Tulips!!!

Seriously, all of them are so beautiful I really suspect that they are fake flowers! 

Tada! The small church where Go Mi-Nam filmed his solo MV, where the scene of Tae Kyung and Yoo Ha Yi exchange rings.

I guess that scene is not popular. I tried searching of photos but none.

To my surprise, there's actually seats inside, too!

It can fit about 8 people?

Mini garden!


Really looks like the actual thing huh?

And soon it was time for dinner!

We headed to the Well-Being Restaurant to grab food before catching the last bus back out.

TADA! Our Healthy Bibimbap!

Sweet snack for my sister!

After that, we headed back to Seoul, to Dongdaemun!

Travel tip: If you wanna go the happening area, alight at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station.
NOT Dongdaemun Station. That area is pretty dead...

My bowl of Jajangmyeon to share with my sis.

Walk walk around the happening area around Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station.

Ice Cream cone to share!!! Yummy yummy!!!

Oki! That's all for the first day!

We headed back to the hotel soon after and knocked out! 

Hope you enoyed this post!

Will be back soon!

XOXO, Tsuriki
Ice-cream cone!


  1. Arex Express train is the best way to access from the airport to Seoul station. It is fast(it takes only 43 mins to Seoul station) and clean. Plus, the price is also reasonable. It cost 8,000won and if you take one of these airline;Asiana,KAL,Jeju airline, you get some discount(6,900won). Arex Express train info desk is located between gate no.9 and no.8, desk no.45 on 1st floor in the airport.

    T-money card is a prepaid public transportation card which means
    you have to load some money on your T-money card before you use it
    on subway,taxi or bus. And you can purchase a T-money card ata low price
    if you head to Seoul station from Incheon airport. Find the Arex info.desk
    on 1st floor at the airport. It located between gate #9 and #8, desk no.45.
    They have a special promotion for foreigners; Express train ticket to Seoul station
    + T-money card it costs only 8,900 won. The regular price of
    the express train ticket is 8,000 won and T-money card is 3,000 won.
    So the promotion is a good deal.

  2. LOL.... the ice cream cone looks AWESOME !!!!
    Nice Blog !!!

  3. How to convince my parents to let me solo-travel?
    world cultures

  4. Hi! I was googling about korea trips in April and i chanced upon your blog. Can i ask if the weather was very cold or was it like aircon temperature? Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi. The weather is colder than air con during this trip for this post 3 years back. Perhaps you wanna check google weather before your trip?



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