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Solo Korea Trip - Happy Birthday Unnie!


Hi! Sorry everyone that I went MIA again. Was really busy and I don't even have much time to rest. Like now, my head hurts like hell. I have been having this horrible headache for the past 2 days. Never did it stop hurting at all.

Anyways, back to my Korea trip!

14th of April, 2014! The 3rd day of the solo trip to Korea and it was my sister's 30th birthday!

Started my day out alone with a packet of White Grape Yogurt Drink while waiting for the train to Hongdae! And yes, the hotel I was staying at is in this wulu station Dapsimni.

Guess I'll do a separate post on the hotel I stayed at another time.

I personally feel that it's a good place to stay at and budget enough, too!

Anyways, so yes I made my way to Hongdae in the morning for a little shopping! 

If you see this shop, you know you're near...

See the sign up there?

TADA!!! The MAIN store of Style Nanda!

Ok. I'm still not exactly a fan of Korean fashion. The main reason why I wanted to go there is go get 3CE cosmetics. LOL!

Look! There's even Style Nanda vending machine! LOL~

Ok. I can't really show you how is it inside but here's a short video that I sneakily shot. *oops!*

Next! I headed to Sogang University to meet my sister who was studying Korean there that time!

Seriously, I've always wish that my school has such a place for students to just laze around in between lessons. But no~ we do not have such a place in campus here in Singapore. *sobs*

Lunch with my sister, Jeffrey (my sis's friend in Secondary School) and her classmates in Sogang!
So multi-nation! There's Singaporeans, Malaysian, Japanese, Swedish and... what's the last one. Australian if I didn't remember wrongly.  

And yes! I LOVE ddeokbokki!!!

Order all your favourite ingredients and there you have it in a pot!

And that's not all!

When you're done, ask the ajuma to add in fried rice! Super delicious!!!

Even if you're full with all the goodness from ddeokbokki, you will sure still eat the rice! Just too yummy to miss!

Next! The birthday girl decided to bring us to the best jimjilbang in Yongsan!

Looks so high class ya?

It's actually really affordable for just the entrance fee to enjoy all the different types of baths.

Massages and other services are kinda expensive but still affordable.

Just entrance fee alone is 11,000 won which is around SGD 11-12 only?! And you can actually spend a good half a day there!

First is to get changed!

Camwhore with my sister!

Blurred the background just in case...

Us and our goat hats!

Yes, my sis and I made Jeffrey do this with us! LOL!!!

At the Jade room!

Traditional room!

It's just way too hot for my sister so she just stood outside to help us take photo.

And after a hot room, the ice cold room!!!

Jeffrey and the small snowman

My sis and the big snowman!

And me? Of course the big snowman! HAHA!!

Time for some snacks! Got sikhye and charcoal eggs!

Sikhye is super yummy!!

And like in dramas, we play scissors, paper, stone and the winner gets to hit the egg onto the loser's forehead to crack the egg!

YEAH!!! The birthday girl wins!!!

Look at my sister's evil face!

Poor Jeffrey. The egg didn't break at all!

After that, we split up to go and enjoy the different baths before heading to dinner with my sister's Korean friends!

Dinner with Jake and Su Bin!

Ok. I don't know Jake's Korean name and Su Bin does not have a English name. 

And YEA!!! Super fresh fish from the fish market just beside! 

After dinner, we spotted Gongcha cafe before heading home and the poor girl who have been living in Korea for one and a half months miss bubble tea so we stopped by for bubble tea.

A little cake as the birthday cake!

I must say Gongcha in Korea has more flavours and feels healthier. 
Less sweet and they have more "healthier" flavours like Ginger Milk Tea that I had.

Found this little cutie at the train station to accompany you while you wait for train. So cute right?!

So yup! We headed "home".

Relax after a long day watching We Got Married Global Edition 2 on TV that day with the ridiculously huge TV in my room.

Seriously, it takes up almost that entire wall it is on! Just look at my small jacket hanging in the background!

Oki! That's all for the 3rd day of my solo trip in Korea in April!

See you soon!

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