Friday, 29 March 2013

Going Dark @ Shunji Matsuo

Official Hair Sponsor - Shunji Matsuo

Hi hi everyone!!!

Sorry it's been a long time since I last blogged on non-reviews of adverts.

Today I'm gonna blog on my current (which has already faded) hair colour.

Yes I did recently dye a small portion of my hair pink but that was for work which I will not blog on.

Anyways, here's my previous trip to Shunji Matsuo before the Lunar New Year to get my hair done!
*Gosh! That's long!*

As usual, my bags and stuff with me at my little cosy area that I will be spending almost half my day at!

And in the background, you can spot Japanese hairstylist, Masa!
If you frequent the outlet at 313@Somerset, perhaps you would have seen him before?

He was previously from 313 but now have transferred over here!
*Claps claps!!!*

And yea! I finally gotten my hands on the cap that says "I Heart Haters" after first seeing it in Hong Kong last July.

If you have been following my Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, I suppose you should have been me in this cap quite a number of times already.

Last photo of my so-called blonde hair!

All ready and well protected, now for my hair dye!!!

Colour time!!!

And yo! The super fast in action hands in in the photo belongs to Justin!

Let the dye set in

Enjoying my Hot Green Tea!

Slurp slurp!

Brought my long-time-no-see DS Lite out as I had to be out the whole day, I did not want my phone to get flat from me playing games or anything. LOL

After washing off the dye and hair treatment, it's time to check the results!

I just like this photo, okay?

And tada!!!

My (not-so) new hair colour!!!

And now ready for a trim of my fringe!

After a trim and I'm all done!

So how is it?
I just love the hair colour!!!

Ok. I have no idea what this hair colour is called as I showed Justin a photo of the hair colour I want and he mixed the colour accordingly to achieve this awesome hair colour!

So if you want the same colour as mine, I would strongly recommend that you go to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio and get your hair done by Justin himself!

That's what my colleague did before!

If you have not watched my video for updated Hair Care, here it is:

Ok! That's all for this post.

I'll see you in a next post soon!


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